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I’m sure you remember a time receiving a phone call from a number you have no idea where or who it came from. Are you the type of person who do not like to answer these types of unknown numbers without first having a clue of who the caller is or where they are from? If so, you’ll need to perform a reverse phone number lookup. You’re probably familiar with a regular phone lookup where you search for the actual phone number of a given caller be it a person or a company. Using your good ol’ trusty yellow page phone book is an example of this. With reverse phone lookup, you’re doing the exact opposite. You need to find the person or company behind the given phone number. This makes it literally impossible to use your phone book for this type of lookup as there are hundreds of thousands to millions of phone numbers in it. You’ll have to look at each entry and compare the phone numbers with the one that called you! Besides, your phone book most likely only lists phone numbers in your state. If a call came elsewhere, you’re out of luck unless you use some type of online reverse phone lookup service.

One of the recent reverse phone lookup services I have been using is called Number Guru. It’s super simple to use and best of all, you can read up on comments left behind by other users for particular phone numbers. Numbers with many comments usually mean a popular number whether it’s a phone scam or a legitimate number. These comments help a tremendous deal in helping you decide whether to trust a certain number or not.

You have two ways to access the Number Guru database:

  1. Via Browser. Simply head over to Number Guru’s website in your browser, enter your mysterious phone number and that’s it.
  2. Via Smart Phone. You can download the freely available Number Guru app for both your iPhone and Android smart phones. Number Guru’s website states that an app for Blackberry smart phone users is in the works.

Number Guru Usage

There’s no mystery as to how to use Number Guru. Simply pop in a phone number  along with the area code and Number Guru will do the rest. That’s really it. Each number searched, if applicable, will include a spammer score, spam report along with comments from users. A phone number might also provide the owner’s name, location, phone carrier and phone type.



When performing a reverse phone lookup, you have to understand that there will be times where there will be no results at all for your mysterious number. There could be a number of reasons for this, though I’m not exactly sure myself. For example, the owner behind the phone number could have spent money to hide his details. Or it could be that the phone carrier themselves chose not to release information about their customers. In many of these cases though, Number Guru should still be able to pinpoint the location (city and state) of the phone number. One could argue that you could easily get this information just from the area code itself. I don’t know about some of you but I surely can’t remember every area code I see! Rather than searching for where the area code belongs to, simply use Number Guru and it will provide you with the location along with other pieces of information if you’re lucky.

Also, Number Guru isn’t right all the time. I’ve entered some of my friend’s phone number in Number Guru just for fun to see what results I would get. In many cases, I see their names listed. In other cases, I’m not so lucky. For example, a lot of my friend’s have T-Mobile lines starting with 620. Number Guru wasn’t able to give me the names of the owner and the phone type information was wrong. Many of their numbers are mobile numbers but it was listed as a land line. Therefore, you miles may vary with Number Guru.


In the End…

Number Guru is by no means a complete reverse phone lookup service. However, they are trying to expand and over time, I’m sure they will have even more numbers in their database. It might seem a little scary at first at how much information can be given just from obtaining a person’s phone number. However, one have to remember that your social networking profile may even add to your information pool. Number Guru is like any other reverse phone lookup service but it seems it is centering itself around identifying spam phone numbers. Being able to comment on a phone number on Number Guru allows you to help others be more aware of suspicious callers.  It’s definitely not perfect but hey, the service is free so there’s no harm trying it.

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