Archives for July 2011

Introducing the Catalyst WordPress Framework!

Out with the old, in with the new! I’ve managed to make another theme change for AnotherWindowsBlog and hopefully this time around, I’ll stick with it for as long as possible. We all know how important a theme is to a blog or website. It can either make or break your reputation. It’s really sad […]

Freeing Your Computer From Expensive Software!

Free software, also known as freewares, is one of my main motivation for starting AnotherWindowsBlog. I love telling users that they don’t have to break their wallet even further after just purchasing their new computer by just using freewares. Not only does freewares help users save money but they also help to discourage software piracy. […]

How To Brew the Best Cup of Coffee!

Prior to writing an article here on AnotherWindowsBlog, I always like to brew a cup of coffee to help me relax and concentrate. I don’t really consider myself a legit coffee addict but I am consistent in drinking 1-2 cups a day. A good cup of coffee just makes your morning a whole lot better. […]

Remotely Control Windows from Your iPhone!

So a good friend recently came down for a visit. Being the tech geeks that we both are, a lot was discussed on recent technologies, gadgets and the such. One of the things he displayed that stood out to me, although nothing new, was being able to remotely control his laptop back at his home […]

Reclaim Space by Converting 1080p Videos to 720p

So one of my friendly clients got a new problem for me to solve. He uses a Sony digital camcorder that allows him to record videos in true high definition with a resolution of 1920×1080 (1080p). Well, he uses that camera a lot to record his dancing video lessons and suffice it to say, he […]

Remain Anonymous While Surfing the Web!

There was always a need for some users to remain anonymous on the Internet. They don’t want their identity to be known. I don’t really care what those “needs” are but you get the point. One of the biggest determining factors on tracking who did what on the big wide Internet world is by something […]

Have you Considered Buying Used Books?

Do you love reading but don’t like the idea of spending anywhere from $9-$11 on a new book only to read it once and never again? If so, you seriously need to consider buying used books instead! I was always a big fan of reading but up until purchasing the Kindle, I have always purchased […]