Defeat Computer Stress with Aromatherapy!

No matter what it is you do for a living, stress somehow finds a way to creep into our lives. It’s inevitable. There are definitely many ways to combat stress but one of the method I like to use most often is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is based on smell and is used often by many people to alter their feelings, mind, body, health and mood. Have you ever went to a diner or restaurant where you didn’t think you were that hungry at all but as soon as you smelled some of the delicious food being offered, you have a complete change of heart? Although that’s not really considered aromatherapy, it’s a simple example to remind you of how powerful smells can be for a human brain. In this article, I’ll show you how easy it is to create your own aromatherapy setup from scratch to hopefully help you combat stress more effectively.

Why I Use it

I’ll admit that I’m not the neatest person you’ll ever meet. However, one thing that I always take pride in is how I smell. No matter what I do or where I go, I always make sure that I smell good. That’s because I believe smell is a very strong regulator where our moods are concerned. Also, how you smell is equally important for the people around you as well. It’s not all about you! To put it more simply, when you smell good, you’ll do good. This equally applies to my environment as well. If the place where I’m working at smells good, I’ll do good as well. However, it’s much more than that. Aromatherapy is named so because many different fragrances attributes to solving many different problems. For example, lavender is a insanely popular fragrance smell to help combat insomnia because it helps a person to relax. Eucalyptus or other types of minty smell helps to combat fatigue by helping a person stay focus and alert. You may think that all this is just nonsense and exists only because a person “wants to believe” it in their own mind but after trying it out, I can definitely say that aromatherapy helps, a lot. In my house, I have a simple aromatherapy setup (which I’ll show you how to make here) which I keep by my laptop where I do all my work. This helps me to focus on the task at hand and at the same time, relax a bit. Aromatherapy isn’t going to make all your troubles go away but it definitely helps you to deal with it more efficiently.

Reed Diffusers

Reed DiffuserThere are many different methods to achieve aromatherapy bliss. The easiest and more popular method is through a reed diffuser system. I’m sure you have seen these before. The setup consists of a glass jar of some sort filled with liquid oil. You then have 5-6 wooden looking sticks sticking out of the jar and that’s it. How this works is very simple. The liquid in the jar is a combination of a base oil mixed in with either synthetic fragrance oils or essential oils to give it a wonderful smell. However, by itself it doesn’t do anything and this is where the wooden sticks come into play. The sticks are not bamboo at all. These are called rattan reeds and is special because the material is porous. This allows the reeds to soak in the oil. Once the oils reach the top of the sticks, it evaporates and therefore, the fragrance is released into the air. The popularity of these reed diffusers have skyrocketed over the years because it is a much safer alternative than electronic or candle-lit aromatherapy kits.

How to Create Your Own Diffuser Kit

Technically, you don’t really have to create your own kit. You can go to the store right now and buy a reed diffuser system and skip the rest of this article. However, there are about three main reasons why I like to create my own. First, it is a lot cheaper. A reed diffuser system you buy at the store will usually cost you around $10 or more. When the oil is dried out, you’ll need to buy refills and once again, they can cost a lot. Second, I like to create my own scents. With store bought diffuser systems, you’ll still have a lot of choices to pick from but by creating your own, you get to use the exact fragrance of choice. Lastly, creating your own diffuser aromatherapy kit is much more safer because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and whatnot like those you buy from the store. Whatever your reasons are, creating your own diffuser kit is super simple and I’ll show you how to do it here!

Materials Needed

Luckily, not much is needed to begin creating your own kit. I have done the research for you and will tell you exactly what you need. I list Ebay items for two of the products because where I live, I really don’t have much choices. If I do find the things I need, they are usually very expensive. If you can’t find these materials in your local area for cheap, then go online like me and purchase them instead. The other items can be bought very easily. As for the glass jar, you don’t need anything fancy unless of course, you want to. If you’re like me and want to change scents often, get a smaller jar. In my picture, you can see that I just used a simple salt and pepper shaker. If you would like to have a constant smell of the same fragrance, then get a larger bottle (as you’ll fill it with more oil). A very cheap way to obtain one is by recycling a used beer bottle! Beer bottles like Heineken have a green tint and so it will definitely look nicer than compared to a plain ol’ see through jar. The preference is obviously up to you.  In my state, I couldn’t find 100 or 120 proof vodka. It could be that it’s illegal here as the higher the number, the stronger the alcohol content. However, using 80 proof vodka also worked. Just make sure that you find the cheapest one available. You don’t even need that much so a small bottle will last you a long time, unless you drink from it!

Baby Oil

100-120 Proof Vodka (80 proof should work as well if you can’t find any)

Glass jar with narrow opening

Fragrance or essential oil of choice (Ebay store here)

Rattan reeds (Ebay store here)


There is a difference between using synthetic fragrance oils and essential oils. Basically, synthetic oils are what I call “fake” oils in that many ingredients are combined together to make a fragrance. Essential oils are usually a lot more expensive in that they are “real” oils. They are extracted from real plants via a very complicated technique. Synthetic oils are fragrances you should be most familiar with. These smells include things like blueberry muffin, tropical paradise, fruit punch, vanilla almond etc. Essential oils include eucalyptus, lavender, jasmine, peppermint, and cedar wood.  For a more in depth knowledge between the two, a simple Google will turn up plenty of information.

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  1.  Never expected to read an article about fragrances from you 🙂 
    I don’t know whether I would make the above kit ( looks a bit of work ) but one thing is for sure, I need some good air freshener for my room after reading so much about good fragrances 😀

    • Yeah, these reed diffusers just makes me feel so much better whenever I’m doing work at my computer desk. It’s helps me relax and focus. I usually like clean and fresh smelling scents like ocean breeze and fresh linen. The kit is not hard to make at all. The hardest part like all projects is gathering the materials. I’m not sure if you live in the US or not but many states have what we call “dollar stores” where a lot of items are for a dollar or a little more. You can probably find all items needed there except for the vodka. =D

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