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If you’ve used a personal scanner before, you’d recognize the benefit of being able to easily and quickly getting your physical documents and photos right into your computer for digital storage and safe keeping. However, the problem stems from the scanner itself. Most of them are bulky in size. If you have an all-in-one printer, you’d know what I mean. Basically, the scanner portion isn’t really what you would consider portable. A portable scanner has many benefits, especially if you are on the road a lot or if you’re a businessman. Think of how awesome being able to quickly scan your items digitally while on the road without having to lug your scanner around. Heck, when was the last time you ever saw someone at Starbucks plug in an all-in-one printer/scanner to the electrical outlet? With VuPoint’s Magicwand Portable Scanner though, you can have your own personal digital scanner right inside your purse or travel bag! This allows you to easily scan your receipts, photos, important documents and book excerpts wherever you may be.

You can purchase the VuPoint Magic Wand Portable (PDS-ST410-VP) Scanner here at Amazon.



The Magicwand operates on just two AA batteries (included). For storage, it accepts only a micro-SD memory card (not include). It is able to scan in both black/white and color with either a resolution of 300x300dpi or high resolution at 600x600dpi. This is plenty enough for your everyday documents and receipts. In fact, I was mildly shocked at how good the quality of the scans came out, especially in color. Normally you would have to sacrifice size for performance but not so in this case. While you definitely wouldn’t want to build your digital photo collection using the Magicwand, it should be able to suffice in most other situations. Remember, this device is mainly meant to be used as a portable scanner when you are out and about.

On top, you have access to just a few buttons. First you have the Power and Scan button. All the way to the left of that are two buttons for you to control whether to scan in black & white or in color and the resolution selection button. Right next to that is your display screen.



To the side, you have the time set function, the USB port to connect the Magicwand to your computer, the micro-SD card slot and the memory card format function.


Of course, on the bottom of the Magicwand is the scanner portion itself. It has a mirror/glass portion similar to that of a regular flatbed scanner and four mini rollers to help you guide the Magicwand across your document. It’s best if you try and keep this underneath portion as clean as possible.


While the device is easy to operate and use, it can take a while longer for you to master it. The big reason for this is because you have to manually control the scanning. On a flatbed scanner, you simply put the document on the scan bed, close the scanner lid and hit the scan button. The machine itself will automatically scan the document. With the Magicwand, you are now that machine. If you scan your document too fast, it might come out blurry. Even if you scan with the right speed, the picture might still be a bit blurry at some places due to the document moving or an unsteady hand. You have to scan your document slowly and equally important is making sure you are going down in a straight line.

Using the Magicwand

Here are the steps you’d follow to scan a document:

  1. Place the document or item to be scanned on a flat surface.
  2. Place the Magicwand at the top (beginning) of the document, making sure it is also as flat as possible. Be sure that the area to be scanned is within the border marking on the Magicwand. Anything outside of the scan area will not be picked up. Press the Scan button.
  3. Slowly pull the Magicwand down towards the document making sure to be as even as possible.
  4. At the end of the document, simply lift the Magicwand up and if done correctly, the document should then be stored in the memory card. If the error light turns on at the end of the scan, you’ll want to rescan your document again even though the error scan will still be stored in the memory card.


This all sounds very simple and it is indeed but like I said above, it will take a while for you to be able to master it. The major rule of thumb to follow is to take your time when scanning! Because the scanned image will be stored inside the micro-SD card, you will not be able to review the document you have just scanned without attaching the Magicwand or the micro-SD card to your computer. Therefore, if the picture comes out blurry, you’re out of luck.


BW SampleBW Sample 2Color Sample 1Color Sample 2

Obviously, you can see that the results are far from perfect. Sometimes, the picture comes out a little “wavy” at the edges. The quality of the scan though, I can assure you is excellent. I had to scale down the image because it would have been too big to post here but the details are excellent. You can kind of tell from the colored picture. Even on the low resolution mode, the picture quality came out very good. However, even after numerous scans, I still couldn’t get a perfect scan. This reinforces my saying that the Magicwand will not be replacing your traditional scanner anytime soon. As the saying goes, you’d rather have a scanner at certain times than no scanner at all and this is exactly what the Magicwand is aimed at. What I suggest users do is to scan their documents twice every time. It’s more of a hassle but remember, you cannot review your scans until you are at a computer. It’s better to be safe than sorry and so scanning everything twice should add a little protection.

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