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Once in a while, a third party Windows utility comes along the way that makes some people wonder why in the world isn’t the feature directly built-in with the system? Well, next up to bat in this category is Preme for Windows 7. This nifty little utility will allow you to work with windows and applications in Windows 7 in a whole new way. Best of all, this utility is completely free (the developer does accept Paypal donations), small in size, and very easy to use! Honestly, Windows 7 Preme has become one of those utilities where I install upon a fresh computer installation. It’s just that damn useful! I can assure you that once you’ve tried out this nifty utility, you’ll never want to work on a computer again without it being installed!

You can download Preme for Windows 7 here.

Installation is simple because it’s a self-executable. Simply download, double-click and that’s it. As stated by the installation, all it does is copy itself to your Startup folder which will allow it to run every time you start the computer. Trust me, after using Preme a couple of times, you’ll want it to start up automatically! However, do note that Preme is provided as is and that the developer is not responsible for any damages it may cause to your system. Basically, use at your own risk.


Once that’s out of the way, you should see the main Preme interface. This is where you will be introduced to the main features of Preme. All together, there are about 8 total features. The good news? You can simply disable the one’s you know for sure you won’t be using and keeping only the one’s you will. But before doing that, you’ll want to explore how each of Preme’s features actually work and so that’s what we’ll be doing here.

Preme Interface

Window Switcher Corner
By simply moving your mouse cursor to the top left corner of your screen, you will invoke the Aero Flip 3D feature. Aero Flip 3D (invoked by pressing Windows+Tab)  is a more fancy way of switching between your applications than with the more traditional style of doing it in earlier operating systems (invoked by pressing Alt+Tab). The good news with this method obviously is that you don’t have to press any key combination. Also, once you invoke the Aero Flip using the Preme method, it stays on your screen until you make a selection. With the traditional keyboard method, you have to constantly hold the Windows key and tap the Tab key (you could use your mouse as well but you’ll still need to hold down the Windows key) in order to “flip” through your opened applications and windows. Very handy indeed!

Touch Slide Window
Although this is a very cool feature, I’m not sure if people will accept it and actually use it. Basically, you can slide two different windows either to the left or right side of your screen. The window on either side will be hidden from view. To work with the window, simply slide your mouse over to the left or right side of the screen and the window will instantly pop-out. Once you move your mouse away from it, the window will “slide” back to the left or right edges of your screen. Since this is the most complicated feature, Preme includes a quick demonstration of the feature in action. Click on the How? button at the top right corner of the main interface to watch it in action right on your desktop.

Hold to be on Top
If you ever wanted a window to remain on top of all your other opened applications, Preme allows you to easily accomplish this. Just position your mouse cursor over the left side of the title bar, click and hold the mouse button for about 2 seconds and just like that, the window will now be on top. To disable it, repeat the procedure. Not many people need this feature in general but for those who do or want to, Preme makes it extremely easy.

Wheel Window Down
One of my favorite features in Preme. To quickly minimize a window, place your mouse cursor anywhere in the title bar up top and scroll down once on your mouse wheel scroll. I know that we should all be now familiar with the usual procedure of minimizing and closing our windows by going to the upper right corner and clicking on the appropriate buttons but by using Preme, we can do the same tasks but with much more ease.

Press Wheel to Close
Another simple yet awesome feature. Rather than scrolling down on your mouse wheel to minimize the window, clicking once on your mouse wheel will instead close the window or application.

Touch Start
This feature is for all the lazies out there.  By default, when you hover your mouse over the Start Menu button, it starts to glow but well, nothing happens! Basically, it doesn’t open automatically. With this feature turned on in Preme, your Start Menu will automatically be displayed as soon as your mouse cursor hits the lower left corner of the screen. Clicking is not necessary. Sweet…

Cursor Up
This is a rather funny feature.  I don’t know about you guys but every time I right click on a taskbar button,  99.999% of the time it’s to close it out by selecting the Close Window option. Rarely do I utilize the Jump List feature in Windows 7. Well, Preme got our backs on this issue as well. How? By automatically moving our mouse cursor to the Close Window option as soon as you right click on a taskbar button/application. If the application isn’t opened, then the first option, usually to unpin the program from the taskbar, will be selected instead. Like I said, this is a rather funny feature but it definitely helps! Another feature for all the lazy people out there like me!

Esc Esc
One of my least favorite feature and one that I’m most likely never going to use. By pressing the Esc button twice, you have yet another way to close out of a window or application. I mostly use my mouse for these sort of tasks and so this is completely useless to me. For veteran keyboard users, this might come in handy but I doubt you’ll find much more uses for Preme!

To uninstall the utility, simply open your Startup folder in the Start Menu or by clicking on the Uninstall button in Preme’s main interface, which will perform the same procedure. Once the Startup folder is opened, just delete the Preme executable. Because it is a self-executable, you don’t have to worry about anything else. Deleting the executable is all that is required of you if you no longer wish to use Preme.

In the End

I find Preme very useful and it’s something I see myself using on a daily basis. I mainly work on a 14″ laptop and so I don’t really have much screen estate. Therefore, I’m always shuffling between windows and applications. With Preme, it makes it much more easy to do these “every day” tasks. Like I’ve always said to other computer users, don’t be afraid of a change. I know we are all accustomed to the way we work with our windows and applications but you should never be afraid to try something new. Who knows? Preme’s method of working with windows within Windows 7 might actually be much more to your liking!

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