Symantec’s Windows 7 Migration Services

When it comes to computer security, anti-virus research, data protection and much more, Symantec is all business. Recently they have stepped up their advertisement game by producing this hilarious video advertising their Windows 7 migration services. If you haven’t heard by now, Windows 7 is the new Windows XP. It’s just that damn good and I’ll be willing to say that this is the best Microsoft operating system I have used to date. If you are responsible for migrating the systems at your workplace to Windows 7, then definitely head over to Symantec’s website for more information on how to lessen the burden. Although mainly for businesses, I’m sure you’ll still get a good laugh from their featured video promoting their migration services:

Even if you aren’t planning on purchasing any products from them, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to go over some of the information they are offering. Symantec is trying to make their products all Windows 7 compatible. With their Backup Exec System Recovery, they are making it easier for small to mid-sized companies to easily backup and restore complete Windows 7 desktops as easily and hassle-free as possible.

Symantec “7 Steps to Windows 7” Resource Kit

Symantec’s Windows 7 Migration Webpage

Stay tuned because I will be doing a mini review of the Symantec’s Backup Exec System Recovery software. Also, I will be giving away a copy of said software for free to a reader!

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