Change the Boring Windows Logon Wallpaper!

Its sad, really. I consider myself a technology freak and yet I’m always late on the scene when trying out new peripherals, gadgets or software. Only recently have I discovered a simple utility to help me change my Windows 7 logon wallpaper. This tool has been out quite some time now so I’m pretty sure if you did a Google search on this, chances are high that you’ve run into it as well. File this under the ‘why in the world did Microsoft didn’t include this as a built-in feature’ category. There’s nothing really special about wanting to change your logon wallpaper. Although you can make the argument that something so simple shouldn’t even be talked about, there are many users who just like the idea of being able to customize just about every part of their operating system (we did pay for it). The logon wallpaper is no exception. It’s one of the first screens we see before logging on (you do have a password setup on your account, right?) and to me, seeing the wallpaper of my choice really sets the mood.

Using Tweaks Logon Changer

Manually changing the logon wallpaper in Windows 7 can be done. However, it’s a real hassle as you have to actually modify a registry setting and to make matters worst, the wallpaper itself has certain requirements before it can be used. For example, it requires you to name the wallpaper a certain name, must be under a certain file size limit and a certain resolution. If you want to read more about how to manually tweak the logon wallpaper, read over this article written by a Windows expert. To make life easier, continue reading on about Tweaks Logon Changer.

1. First thing you obviously need to do is to download the utility. You can download Tweaks Logon Changer from here. The utility is a self executable so no installation is necessary. Simple double click on the tool to begin using it.

2. The utility is pretty much idiot-proof. I doubt anyone can even mess this up! As you can see, you only have so many buttons that you can press and they are clearly labeled. Upon opening the utility for the first time, you will see the default Windows 7 logon wallpaper as the wallpaper that is currently being used/set. No surprise here.

Logon Wallpaper Changer

Simply hit the Change Logon Screen button to browse for a picture you want to use for your logon screen. Remember the file size limit I’ve mentioned earlier? Well, the limit is still here while using Logon Changer, however, good news is that the utility will simple create a copy of the picture (your original will not be altered) to have it be compatible.

File Too Large

3. Ladies and gentleman, that’s it! Simply hit the Test button to see the new wallpaper in action. From now on, you’re never forced to look at that same boring default wallpaper again!

New Wallpaper

If for some strange reason you want to switch back to the original Windows 7 logon wallpaper for nostalgia, simply hit the Revert to Default Logon Screen button. Tweaks Logon Changer really is a mess free solution. It’s simple to use and works everytime.

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