Rearrange Your Taskbar Icons in XP and Vista!

The upcoming Windows 7 operating system will give yet another feature that users have desperately wanted. The ability to simply and easily rearrange their taskbar icons to their liking. However, Windows XP and Vista users will need to use a free and lightweight utility add-on if they want the same feature.

There’s nothing really mind boggling about ‘shuffling’ your taskbar around. Sometimes you just want to rearrange them so that it suits your taste when working on long projects on the computer. Instead of having to close down all of your applications and then restart them in the order you want, you can simply reshuffle them using ‘Taskbar Shuffle’. This utility consumes only 4-5MB of memory and can be configured to start up with Windows as well so you don’t have to open it every time. Once installed, you can freely use your mouse to drag and drop your taskbar items in whichever order you want. This also works for your system tray icons as well.

You can download Taskbar Shuffle here.

Simply download either the 32bit or 64bit version (depending on your operating system), install it and now you’ll be able to reorganize your taskbar items. There are some minor settings you can tweak with if you right click on the Taskbar Shuffle icon in the system tray and selecting the ‘Settings’ option.


Before Shuffle


After Shuffle

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